Thorong La Pass, Nepal: 17,769 feet

May 19, 2010

This is Anjel and I standing at the top of the Thorong La pass in Nepal. We tried to take several photos of ourselves at the literal high-point of this trek and frankly, they all came out a bit off. Clearly your brain isn’t firing on all cylinders at that altitude. For example, it didn’t […]

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Trekking Saboteurs!

March 25, 2010

I mentioned in a previous post that, while trekking the Overland Track is Tasmania, we had an absurd series of encounters with a group of fellow hikers that led them to believe that we were complete idiots and/or actively trying to sabotage their trip. Here’s the story.

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Trekking the Overland Track

March 10, 2010

Starting on January 30th we spent 8 days trekking 61 miles through Tasmania on the Overland Track. Google “top 10 treks in the world” and the Overland is likely to pop up on the list. It’s not the most extreme altitude trek in the world (the highest point, not counting side-trips is only about 1250 […]

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Golden Trout Wilderness

May 29, 2009

Following up on our Big Sur trekking adventure, we decided to try another outing, this time down south to the Golden Trout Wilderness. This time it was just Michael, Anjel and I (Christine was unable to make it). Michael had found a great trail review on someone’s blog that described a 26 mile loop that […]

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Big Sur Trekking

May 11, 2009

Our pre-trip research has turned up some amazing multi-day treks in some of the countries we’ll be visiting. One of the most extreme has to be the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. The trek is 17 to 21 days long, covers roughly 186 miles and takes you up to nearly 18,000 feet. Anjel and I are […]

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