Vietnam: “The Conversation”

April 4, 2010

For 33 days we traveled our way across Vietnam on a pair of old Minsk motorcycles. One of the best parts about traveling by motorcycle is that it gets you way, way off the beaten path.

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Trekking the Overland Track

March 10, 2010

Starting on January 30th we spent 8 days trekking 61 miles through Tasmania on the Overland Track. Google “top 10 treks in the world” and the Overland is likely to pop up on the list. It’s not the most extreme altitude trek in the world (the highest point, not counting side-trips is only about 1250 […]

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“Is this enough fat?”: Travels in Mongolia

February 15, 2010

We’d been in Mongolia for about 36 hours and were sitting on footstools around a small, low table inside a ger. My wrist was starting to ache and Anjel had developed a blister on her right index finger from the large cleaver. We were getting tired, but there was a large pile of still-frozen mutton […]

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