The Historic Hotel Nevada

October 19, 2011

The likelihood of finding yourself in Ely, Nevada and in need of accommodation for the night is low. Ely (pronounced e-lee) is one of 3 towns on the 300 mile stretch of Highway 50 (the Loneliest Road in America) that runs West from the Utah border. The town isn’t really on the way to or from much, and although […]

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The Man Who Ate His Boots

August 24, 2011

It has been much harder to work out a viable dirt-road route to Alaska than we originally hoped. I was discussing the problem with my sister when she said “You should do research on the Northwest Passage. They had the same problem.” I vaguely remembered the Northwest Passage from my High School days so I […]

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The best-stocked coffee shop you’re ever going to find

August 1, 2011

On our way home from a recent moto trip to Canada, we pressed our luck one evening trying to squeeze in a few more miles before we lost the light, and ended up in the little town of Tulelake, CA. Light had started fading well before we pulled off the highway looking for the road which would […]

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What Does It Take to be an Adventure Traveler

June 5, 2011

Stocking up in Seattle and Alaska-bound by Scott Schrantz The following excerpt is taken from Ryan Madden’s book On-The-Road Histories: Alaska. In 1897 a newspaper in Ottowa, Canada, published an editorial for “fortune hunters” headed to Alaska and then to the Yukon. The editorial asked the reader to take an 11 question self-examination before proceeding […]

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North to Alaska!

May 5, 2011

A very rough google-map rendering of our route EDIT: The trip has been bumped! We started planning only 4 months before our hoped-for departure date in July and knew it was going to be a best-case scenario for us to be able to get out by then. It was not totally unexpected, but some things […]

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Riding Iceland

February 4, 2011

Vatnajökull is the largest glacier in Iceland, and at over 3,000 square miles, covers more than 8% of the country. In the south east, between the towns of Skaftafell and Höfn a portion of the glacier (large enough to have its own name: Breiðamerkurjökull) flows down towards the ocean where it has formed a giant […]

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Find your own Fockink Gin

September 20, 2010

This post could also be titled “International Treasure Hunt” – but that wasn’t nearly as catchy. Back in October of ’09 we were trekking through Spain when we took a rest day to explore Pamplona. While wandering around the old part of town we came across a small, unattended antique shop where, buried on a […]

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America the Beautiful

August 6, 2010

Yesterday was our 365th day on the road. We arrived back on American soil 22 days ago and despite having all the internet we could want and the ability to easily place domestic calls, we have been almost completely incommunicado. Part of the reason may be trying to deny the fact that we’ve left the […]

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South Island and a Pair of 650 Singles: Part 2

June 13, 2010

*Part one of the story is here Day 5: Brighton to Colac Bay We started day 5 at our ocean-side camping spot in Brighton, a small beach town on the Southeastern coast of New Zealand. We knew we weren’t riding far today, so we spent the better part of the morning leisurely making a few […]

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South Island and a Pair of 650 Singles: Part 1

April 4, 2010

New Zealand is home to some of the most famous treks in the world. The Milford Track, the Abel Tasman Track and the Routeburn Track all rank among the most beautiful walks in the world. On top of that, New Zealand was the site for dozens of remote location shots for Peter Jackson’s Lord of […]

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