Join Us

(May 17, 2011: updated for our new trip to Alaska)

We love meeting new people!
Whenever we’re traveling around we love to stay with local people – most often friends or friends-of-friends, but we also get emails from out of the blue and occasionally just meet people in the course of our travels – and that’s always gone well! It avoids motels and hostels, which does save money, but more importantly lets us actually get to meet new people and learn more about the areas we’re visiting.

How are we as guests?
We’re fantastic! We don’t smoke, we’re not noisy, and we’re not traveling with any pets. Anjel is a fantastic cook, and Connal’s pretty handy, so we might even be able to help out. We’d be thrilled to have a drink with you, but we’re not crazy party people, so we won’t be up all night.

What if there isn’t a fancy guest room?
Are you kidding me, we spent 10 hours sleeping on this bench in a Spanish train station under florescent lights.

Bed for the night

If you can beat that, we’ll be fine. We have our own sleeping bags and pads, so a spare room is good, a couch works great, and if you only have floor space, that works too!

Where will we be?
That’s a tough question, as we don’t have exact dates for where we’re going to be and when we’ll be there. We’re planning on leaving for Alaska in early July and as that gets closer we’ll be posting our rough itinerary and do our best to keep it up to date. If we’ll be near you, let us know!

How should you contact us?
We’ll be checking email when we can depending on where we are and whether or not there’s an internet connection – or electricity. Fire us an email to:

click here for connal’s

click here for anjel’s

We’ll do our best to get back to you, but depending on where we are we may be out of internet contact for a few days. Please don’t be offended if you don’t immediately get a response.

See you out there!