The REI Quarter Dome T3 is a fantastic tent. Of the 380 nights we spent on the road on our initial trip, 37 of them were spent in this tent. We don’t own a house, but we do consider this to be our first home together.

We were lucky enough that we never had to camp in especially severe weather, so we can’t rate it to extremes, but we did get some good rain and a few nights of healthy wind, and never had any problems.

Color coded poles and grommets make it easy to set up and break down, even with one person. Inside it’s got pockets in each corner, and two on the ceiling that work great for turning a headlamp into overhead lighting. There are a few loops inside that you can run a thin cord through to air things out overnight. We never had any problems with condensation and we never had any rips or tears either.

At night there was room in the vestibules for our packs, and when traveling with the motorcycles, we made enough room to squeeze in our helmets and moto gear in there too.

02.02.10: All set up on Tasmania's Overland Track

We’re obviously comfortable sleeping next to each other, so sleeping room isn’t a huge concern for us, but even so we never felt crammed together and spent many an evening sitting up and playing cards before bed.

A Pre-Bed Game of Gin

All in all, great tent, easy to recommend.


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