Little Help Here: Turkey

April 5, 2010

On May 3rd we’ll be arriving in Istanbul for a 2 to 3 week tour of Turkey. Probably our last stop on the trip before we make our way back home. We don’t have a set itinerary yet, but thought we’d throw a notice out there and see if anyone has any friends or family […]

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Little Help Here: Melbourne, Australia

January 12, 2010

Anyone have any friends or family in Melbourne, Australia? We will arrive in Melbourne from New Zealand around 8 in the morning on Wednesday, January 27th. We leave the next morning on a ferry for Tasmania around 9 am. We’re (probably) capable of getting ourselves to and from whatever lodgings there might be, and we can […]

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What should we do in Helsinki?

November 10, 2009

Ah the excitement of travel through Eastern Europe. Our original plan was to take a train from Prague to Tallinn, Estonia… until we found that there really aren’t any trains that run through the Baltics. At least not with any regularity and not conveniently connected. The next option was to take a bus, but under […]

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Little Help Here: Card Games

November 1, 2009

Anyone have any suggestions for good card games for travellers? We´ve started playing an ongoing game of Gin Rummy, which has been great, but I know there are other good games out there to help pass the time. Cumulative scoring games that can be played a hand or two here and there are great, but […]

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Little Help Here: Berlin (UPDATED)

October 12, 2009

UPDATE: I think we´re set for Berlin. Through our good friends at Rabers in San Jose, we were put in touch with a vintage moto enthusiast (and Rabers customer) living in Berlin. Assuming everything works out, we should be staying with him. Thanks to everyone for their help! We weren’t originally planning on going through […]

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Things to Do Around the World

September 2, 2009

I’m sure that we’re going to visit a number of pretty well known tourist destinations – just because a lot of people visit the Taj Mahal, doesn’t mean it’s not amazing – however, we’re also hoping to find lesser known or personally interesting stops along the way. Like a 600 year old Irish Monastery on […]

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Little Help Here: Chicago Area [updated]

August 18, 2009

So we haven’t even left the country yet and we’ve run into our first speed bump. The Russian Visa has been significantly delayed in processing and as it looks right now we’re going to have to delay our flight from Chicago to Ireland (you have to mail off your passport to get a Russian Visa […]

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