Gypsie Vintage Cycles in Sturgis, SD

November 8, 2011

The annual Sturgis Rally isn’t super high on our list of motorcycle must-do’s but western South Dakota is stunning and the area in and around the Black Hills National Forest has some fantastic riding. We passed through the town last year a week before the rally and stopped at Gypsie Vintage Cycle a great little […]

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Turkish Beach Cows

September 24, 2010

It’s not all that crazy, it’s just that we’d never seen a cow anywhere other than out in a pasture. We spotted this guy just hanging out somewhere on the southern coast of Turkey.

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1973 Mongolian Space Stamps

September 10, 2010

They’re Mongolian, they’re from 1973, they feature fantastic illustrations of Russian and US space missions and we found them in a tiny stamp shop in Istanbul. There’s not one thing about these stamps that isn’t awesome!

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Tasmanian Book Shop

April 3, 2010

While exploring Tasmania for a week in a rented campervan we stumbled on this little used book shop near Friendly Beaches. It turned out to have an absolutely fantastic collection of old books.

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Tasmanian Buddhist Dentist

March 26, 2010

Spotted in Hobart, Tasmania

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Lyons Classic Pinball Arcade

January 9, 2010

While not nearly as cool as the Museum of Soviet Arcade Games, Lyons’ is a small pinball arcade, tucked off a small road near Estes Park, Colorado.

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Quickie: Treasure in Insadong

January 4, 2010

One of the problems with traveling on the light and on a budget is the accumulation of treasure. Yes, of course, we are collecting “memories” and “photos,” but I really did want to buy a souvenir tea jug with Ghengis Khan’s face on it, those dishes in Basque, the giant artisan lamps in Ireland…want, want, […]

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Quickie: Estonian Artist space, SooSoo

November 25, 2009

SooSoo is a great little gallery and design shop tucked away on the outer edges of Tallinn. In addition to the usual design shop items that you can find everywhere around the world (think UglyDoll, light up furniture, etc), they also had a great collection of locally and regionally designed goods. I thought the knitwear […]

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Quickie: Basque Design Treasure found

November 25, 2009

In addition to there beautiful country and delicious food, the Basque have a rich tradition in symbolism. You often see older buildings and pathways marked with various patterns and icons. When we were at the Fete du Piment in Espelette, I was blown away by a local artisan company that takes these traditional designs and […]

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English Lessons

November 12, 2009

While trekking through Spain we spent one night in the small town of Najara. Wandering around the city we came across the local library and decided to take a look. It was your basic small-but-nice library, relatively forgettable except for the series of BBC English language books we found. Our Spanish was (is) terrible and […]

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