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by connal on July 13, 2011


Places of Interest

My favorite part of trip planning is Googling “awesome things to visit in (our next stop).” With a little searching you can always drill down past the usual recommendations for fancy restaurants, beautiful vistas and famous museums and dig up the really interesting and esoteric finds like:

Whenever I find something of interest, I toss it up on a Google Map we created called “Points of Interest.” It’s a mix of historical sites, famous monuments, interesting museums, and anything else I find that I don’t want to forget.

It’s fun for us to browse through because inevitably I forget half the things I throw up there, so it’s always a treat to rediscover them.

Feel free too have a look yourself; zoom into an area and click on a marker to bring up a description. The descriptions are usually taken either from the location’s website, or Wikipedia.

And if you have any suggestions to add, let us know!

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