In Photos: The Trans-Siberian Express

by connal on December 28, 2009


Traveling from Moscow to Ulan Bataar on the Trans-Siberian is 101 hours and 3,893 miles (6,266 kilometers). As a point of reference, driving Highway 80 from San Francisco to New York City is only 2,905 miles.

There’s a lot that happens in those four days… and very little that goes on. What follows are a collection of randomly arranged photos from our time on the train.

Beech Forests


Almost in Mongolia, switching to Diesel


Mountain town

Whatever she's doing... don't.

Smoking room / Freezer

Anjel and the Fins

Last night on the train

Frozen River

Siberian Sunset

Army Trucks

Anton guts it

Breakfast on the train

Our friend, the hot water

station stop

Snowy village

Instant Noodles

Early on Day 2


Blue, brown, white and a dirty window

Just enough time to grab a beer

Bridge Crossing

Small town

Homes on the hill

Platform Vendors


passing by

train signs

A 15 minute stop

Our 2-minute visit to the diner car

1 day away

Another small town along the way


passing trains

Mongolian Customs

snowy sunset

Smoked fish and beer for lunch

It's snowing and we're in Siberia!!

Houses on the hill

Our car

Restocking the coal

Vibrams on the carpet

A good night on the Trans-Siberian

Anjel at the window

Platform Vendors

The sink

Platform Vendors

Luggage Tractor

A small town along the way

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1 Kate Carter Wilson December 29, 2009 at 11:41 am

Hi Connal and Anjel,
Connal’s mom shared your blog with me, and I’ve only looked at a few posts, but they are great! I especially like the pictures. The Trans-Siberian Express is something I would love to do. Your post is probably the closest I’ll ever get to it, so thanks so much for sharing!
Safe travels,
Kate (Carter) Wilson


2 M December 31, 2009 at 5:25 am

Is that a volkswagon bus in one of the photos?


3 connal December 31, 2009 at 8:10 pm

If you’re referring to the sunset photo of the van waiting at the train tracks, it’s not a VW. It’s a Russian van that you see absolutely everywhere in both Russia and Mongolia. We’ve seen them as outfitted for civilian use, as military models, and even as ambulances. Just Google “Russian Van” and you’ll get a huge collection of photos.


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