Conversion Rates

by connal on November 24, 2009


The fact that most of the EU is on the Euro makes traveling from country to country a breeze as far as money is concerned, but not everyone  uses the same money yet.  Here are a few of the currencies that we’ve been buying in as we travel and their current exchange rates (locked in time for future reference).

100 US Dollars will get you:

60 British Pounds
67 Euro
109 Australian Dollars
138 New Zealand Dollars
1,046 Estonian Kroon
1,744 Czech Koruny
2,885 Russian Rubles
105,606 South Korean Won

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1 connal November 24, 2009 at 9:54 am

For example, our plane ticket from South Korea to New Zealand was almost 2 Million Won. If you see 2,000,000 on an invoice, that’s a little intimidating.


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