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by connal on October 21, 2009


This was posted a couple of weeks ago (the day after my birthday actually) but we just discovered a nice little post about Cabbage Design Company on the Chronicle Books blog.

About a year or so ago we worked with Chronicle on the Fantasy Sex Deck, a fun project that, among other things, led to some amusing (but legitimate) discussions over the specifics of the suggestive but generally PG-rated illustrations that accompanied each card.

The project went very well, we had a great time working with Suzanne on the project and it’s a nice write-up and includes some great photos of our old studio in Oakland.

Chronicle Books “Fantasy Sex Deck” Blog Post

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1 타이넨 October 27, 2009 at 3:46 pm

“Looking for that new hot spot to design that project, well Cabbage Design has plugged that hole.”

-Nice notice you guys!


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