10,000 Miles

by connal on October 11, 2009


This afternoon, driving through the countryside of France, we traveled our 10,000th mile. It took us 67 days, averaging 150 miles per day through 5 countries. The numbers so far are as follows:

4557 miles by Plane
2065 miles on Motorcycles
1895 miles by Car
1136 miles on Trains
200 miles by Boat
84 miles on Foot
80 miles by bus

We still have no miles traveled by horse* and don’t expect to for some time if at all (*this category will also include any distance traveled by camel, elephant or astride any other animal).

Also, to clarify what counts as travel miles… if we travel point A to point B, we count it. Walking across the Dingle Peninsula counts; walking around Dublin for the day does not. If we’re in Aurora and we pop out to the supermarket, that doesn’t count; if we’re in Aurora and we drive two hours south to visit Pikes Peak, that does count. If we’re riding motorcycles together, and it’s 300 miles from one town to the next, we count 300 miles for the day, not 600 (300 for connal + 300 for anjel).

And that’s about it. If we average about the same rate that we have so far, we should pass 20,000 miles somewhere around Japan in January.

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1 Karl Wieser October 21, 2009 at 3:33 pm

Perhaps the “By Horse” category should become “By Mount”
And add the “By Wagon/Cart” category to cover any wagons, carriages, carts, hansom cabs, rickshaws, buggies, coaches, trams, buckboards, or gurneys, wether horse-drawn or not.


2 connal October 21, 2009 at 9:36 pm

Karl, these are all good points. “By Mount” is a much more inclusive category and it’s funny that you mention Wagon/Cart. We just finished booking our time in Mongolia and it sounds like it will include some horse-drawn travel. A significant oversight on our part.

We also didn’t include a “bicycle” category. I considered it, but with our heavy packs, I didn’t think that we’d be covering any point-to-point travel bikes – possibly riding bikes around a park, but then that wouldn’t count as travel distance.

Regardless we’ll talk to our tech guy and look into the text changes.


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