Little Help Here: Chicago Area [updated]

by connal on August 18, 2009


So we haven’t even left the country yet and we’ve run into our first speed bump. The Russian Visa has been significantly delayed in processing and as it looks right now we’re going to have to delay our flight from Chicago to Ireland (you have to mail off your passport to get a Russian Visa – so we can’t leave the country until we get the Visa approved and our passports returned).

We currently have accomodation in Chicago through Wednesday, August 26th, but we may need to stay in the area for a few extra days (so Thursday night onward).  Anyone have any friends or family in the area that wouldn’t mind us potentially staying for a night or two?

We can also tap into Couch Surfing to bridge a gap of a day or two, so even if someone would only be able to house us for a night, that might help. Feel free to send anyone the link to our “About Us” or “Invite Us” pages for a little information about what we’re doing and why we would be fantastic house guests.

And please don’t post anyone’s contact information in the comments section. Send us an email with any suggestions or contacts.


[UPDATE 8.22.09]
We’ve gotten several offers for places to stay in Chicago, so it looks like we should be set. We haven’t sent out reply emails yet, but will shortly. Anyway, thanks to everyone who offered to help!

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1 Marcelo August 19, 2009 at 9:45 am

I know well how Visa issues can make one’s life harder. I don’t know anyone in Chicago, unfortunately, but I wish you guys good luck and hope the Russian bureaucrats get it together and issue you the damn Visa soon!


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